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Scientific & Technical units named after people
unitsymbolpersonquantity measuredvalue
ampereAAndré-Marie Ampèreelectric currentC/s
angstrom ÅAnders Jonas Ångströmlength10e-10 m
baud-Jean-Maurice-Émile Baudotsignal transmission speed1 unit per second
becquerelBqAntoine-Henri Becquereldisintigration rateone disintigration per second
belBAlexander Graham Bellpower comparisondimensionless
biotBiJean Baptiste Biotelectric current10 A
blondel -André-Eugène Blondelluminencep-1 cd·m-2
Bubnoff unit-Bubnoffspeed10e-6 m/year
clausius ClRudolf Julius Emanuel Clausiusentropycal/K
coulombCCharles-Augustin de Coulombelectric chargeA·s
curieCiMarie and Pierre Curiedisintigrtion rate3.7e10 Bq
dalton-John Daltonmass1/16 the mass of an oxygen-16 atom
darwin-Charles Darwinevolutionary change
debey DPeter Joseph Wilhelm Debeyelectric dipole moment(10e-19/c) C·m
einstein EAlbert Einsteinquanity of lightone mole of photons
Eotvos unitERoland, Baron von Eötvösgradient of acceleration10e-9 s-2
faradFMichael Faradayelectric capacitanceA·s/V
faraday FdMichael Faradayelectric chargethe charge of a mole of electrons
fermi fmEnrico Fermilength10e-15 m
franklinFrBenjamin Franklinelectric charge3.33564e-10 C
gal -Galileo Galileiaccelerationcm·s-2
gauss GCarl Friedrich Gaussmagnetic induction10e-4 T
gilbert-William Gilbertelectromotive force10/4p A·turns
gray GyL. H. Grayradiation doseJ/kg
hartree-Douglas Rayner Hartreeenergyapproximately 27.21 eV
hefner candle -Friedrich Franz von Hefner-Alteneckluminous intensity0.903 candle
henryHJoseph HenryinductanceV·s/A
hertz HzHeinrich R. Hertzfrequency1 cycle/second
jansky JyKarl C. Janskyradio source strength10e-26 J/m2·
joule JJames Prescott Jouleenergykg·m2s-2
kayser KHeinrich Gustav Johannes Kayserwave numberwavelength/cm
kelvin KWilliam Thompson, Lord Kelvintemperature
lambertlamJohann Heinrich Lambertluminancelumen/cm2
langley -Samuel P. Langleyenergy flux per areacal/ cm2
mach M, MaErnst Machspeed[depends on the medium]
maxwellMx, MJames Clerk Maxwellmagnetic flux10e-8 Wb
neperNpJohn Napieramplitude comparisondimensionless
newton NIsaac Newtonforcekg·m·s-2
oersted OeH. C. Oerstedmagnetic field strengthmaxwell/cm
ohm WGeorge Simon Ohmelectric resistance
pascalPaBlaise PascalpressureN/m2
planck -Max K. E. L. PlanckactionJ·s
poisePJean-Louis-Marie Poiseuilledynamic viscosity0.1 Pa·s
reyn -Osborne Reynoldsdynamic viscosity10e4·(1.45)-1 Pa·s
roentgenRWilliam Conrad Röntgenradiation exposure2.58e4 A·s/kg
rutherford rdErnst Rutherforddisintigration rate10e6 Bq
rydberg RyJohannes Robert Rydbergenergyapprox. 2.425e-28 J
sabin-Wallace Clement Sabinesound absorption
savart -Félix Savartpitch interval1/300 of an octave
siemensSErnst Werner von Siemenselectric conductanceW-1
sievertSvR. M. Sievertdose equivalent of radiationJ/kg
stokesStGeorge Stokeskinematic viscosity10e-4 m2/s
Svedberg STheodor S. Svedbergsedimentation coefficient (time)10e-13 s
sverdrup-Harald Ulrich Sverdrupflow10e6 m3/s
talbot -William Henry Fox Talbotquantity of lightlm·s
tesla TNicola Teslamagnetic flux densitykg/A·s2
torr -Evangelista Torricellipressure133.32 Pa
voltVAlessandro Voltapotential differenceW/A
wattWJames Wattpower



weber WbWilhelm Eduard Webermagnetic fluxV·s


Scientific & Technical scales named after people
scalepersonwhat it measures
Antonadi scale ?astronomical viewing conditions
Atterberg scale (or limits) ?soil behavior in the presence of water
Baumé scaleAntoine Baumédensity of liquids
Beaufort scaleSir Francis Beaufortwind speed
Beranek scaleLeo R. Beranekloudness of noise
Binet-Simon scaleAlfred Binet and Theodore Simonhuman intelligence
Brix scaleAdolf F. W. Brixstrength of sugar solution
Cattell scaleJames McKeen Cattellhuman intelligence
Celsius scale Anders Celsiustemperature
Dalton’s temperature scaleJohn Daltontemperature
Douglas scaleH. P. Douglasocean surface disturbance
Fahrenheit scaleGabriel Daniel Fahrenheittemperature
Forel scaleFrançois-Alphonse Forelocean and lake water color
Giaque’s temperature scaleWilliam Francis Giaque?temperature
Holmes scaleT.H. Holmespsychological stress
Kelvin temperature scaleWilliam Thompson, Lord Kelvintemperature
Kelvin time scale William Thompson, Lord Kelvinstellar collapse time
Linke scale?shades of blue (of the sky)
Mohs scaleFriedrich Mohsmineral hardness
Pauling scaleLinus Carl Paulingelectronegativity (chemistry)
Pythagorean scalePythagorasmusical pitch
Rankine scaleWilliam John Macquorn Rankinetemperature
Réaumur scaleRené Antoine Ferchault de Réaumurtemperature
Richter scaleCharles Francis Richterearthquake magnitude
Twaddell scaleWilliam Twaddelldensity of liquids
Wechsler scaleDavid Wechslerhuman intelligence
Wentworth scale C. K. Wentworthsedimentary rock particle size

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