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Facts About Easter
Tuesday, 26 February 2013
article thumbnailEaster Facts Easter is a “moveable feast” celebrated on the first Sunday after the full moon which happens on or after March 21, the Spring Equinox. The first symbol of Easter was a chicken...

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  • Giraffe Facts | Interesting Fun Facts about Giraffes

    Awesome fats! Really helps on homework! By the way I love girrafes! 8)


  • Giraffe Facts | Interesting Fun Facts about Giraffes

    :oops: :-* :D :lol: :-? :P :cry: :o I am doing a school project on giraffes and I am bored


  • Weird Texas

    :sigh: we took a feild trip to the Alamo, and my guy friend could not find a bathroom, so he, while no ...


  • Old Man or Two Lovers

    i cant c the kissing :sad:


  • Kool-Aid Facts

    Too bad Kool-Aid has discontinued the 2 quart canisters of sugarfree grape and cherry. They cut out so ...


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